As the owner of Willow & Moss Photography, I am often complimented on the Edwardsville photography studio storefront. Designing a studio storefront to suit your brand can be challenging. Luckily for Willow & Moss, the studio has an amazing glass window store front right along a busy intersection located in the Historic District of Edwardsville.
The studio storefront and Edwardsville location were the two most appealing aspects of the property for the Willow & Moss photography studio. What better way to showcase art? Traffic is often at a standstill due to the stoplight intersection. The historic district of Edwardsville is a very active both commercially and residentially. While Willow & Moss photographs a variety of genres, a favorite is definitely babies.
As a newborn photographer, I knew I wanted to showcase some beautiful babies in the studio storefront. Five canvas’ along with the Willow & Moss Photography name and logo are
displayed at all times in the studio storefront. While my hope is to attract more clients by sharing my art work, I also hope to put a smile on people’s faces while they sit at stoplight. To
be reminded in that brief moment that our world is blessed with new miracles of life every day. Slow down in that moment and feel the hope and joy showcased in Willow & Moss
Photography’s beautiful studio storefront.
If you are expecting and interested in a newborn session. Please check out my newborn gallery and see if my style suits you. If so, contact me to schedule an in-person consultation to discuss your dream custom newborn session. Are you a newborn photographer interested in knowing how Willow & Moss displayed beautiful canvas in the storefront, contact me.

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We’ve combined our talents with Heather Mohr Photography.
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